Valletta has always been a melting pot of cultures, contrasts, and colours. People and organisations live and thrive in this exciting hub for society, business and culture. Citypro is proud to assist you in becoming part of this exciting and vibrant city. Its highly trained and motivated staff do not just know Valletta: they breathe it. Welcome to Valletta: the City of Dreams.


Valletta City of Dreams

Valletta, the capital of Malta, is situated on the tip of the Sceberras peninsula, a rocky promontory on the eastern side of the Maltese coast. Its population numbers approximately 18,000 and the city, which takes its name from the heroic Grand Master, Jean De La Vallette, is the political, administrative and commercial centre of the whole archipelago.

Valletta started life principally as a fortress and at first only the bastions and moats were constructed. Only later were the auberges added for the Knights belonging to the different langues of the Order, together with the civilian dwellings.

The city is rectangular in shape and consists of nine streets which run lengthwise throughout, with twelve perpendicularly-running streets.

The original plans were drafted by Francesco Laparelli, military architect of Cosimo de Medici, who was called in immediately after the Great Seige. He worked together with Philip II’s architect Gabrio Serbelloni and the Maltese architect Girolomo Cassar who took over from Laparelli completely in 1568. It seemed that the whole of Christendom contributed to the new capital, in fact, as Pope Pius IV, King Charles IX of France, King Philip II of Spain and King Sebastian of Portugal all made notable financial conributions, adding to the Knights commanderie and to the onerous one-off tax on the people.

On 28 March 1566, when the first stone was laid, 8,000 men went to work, who began levelling out the peninsula.

In 1571 the Order transferred its headquarters to Valletta, even though a few civilian buildings had been completed. The work continued into the 18th Century, making Valletta one of the purest examples of Baroque art.


Buying a property in Valletta

Valletta is not just any city. It is a four hundred year old fortress city, which, although designed to last long sieges, it has remained open to all cultures since its foundation stone was laid. Valletta is a veritable treasure, offered trustingly in our hands by our past, so we could hand it over to future generations.

Valletta is a world heritage city. In this sense, great care is taken by the authorities, as well as by owners of Valletta property, to keep Valletta true to its name, and that new, creative, conversion projects enhance its unique identity.

Valletta is a hub for society, business, culture, and living. People and businesses are taking up home here, from blue-chip companies, to impresarios, from high flyer brands to inspired artists. Citypro is proud to have found, amongst many others, the home to the European Union’s Commission, Parliament and Press headquarters in Valletta.

Being a fortified peninsula surrounded by the blue Mediterranean Sea, Valletta is a city with a fixed number of properties. These unique properties, and what they represent, are continuously appreciating in value. Whether for high value investment, unique-style residence, or prestigious corporate headquarters, Valletta is the right address. With staff that love and breathe Valletta, Citypro are the people who can help you be part of this unique lifestyle.

It’s time for elegant living!